Pointers to keep in mind before putting property to sell.

Find best Agents

A good research and survey would work well for you. Especially in those area where the agents would provide higher valuation for the property. Comparing few agents with their valuation details and the work they have done so far in similar properties one like yours, can help you beforehand.

Collaborating with Agents

Every single bit of information from your end to the agent. Considering time period of shifting, underlining the unique and finest things of your house or property that could attract the potential buyers. You need to collectively work closely with your agents as he is the one who can give the best possible advice.

Prepare Well

Have a pre-planning done for all the necessary documents you might need to close the deals. Take care when your property is share of free hold or lease hold where you might need some documents to submit it to an advocate. These kind of things needs to be planned in advance.

Site Viewing

Fix all the things in proper manner, keep your house clean and remove the extra things possible. It helps buyers to visualize the place as their own place. Don’t forget to clean up your lawn and garden area to present it tidy. These tings create a good picture in buyers mind. Allow agent to communicate and showing up the house around. They might feel uncomfortable asking few things if they want to.

Post Feedbacks

Take feedbacks from the agents and the buyers and try to know what they feel something inappropriate. Improve, fix and come up with the solutions to those problems. Hence, it would increase your sale.



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