Few handy tops.

We can target the right audience once you decide you are letting the whole apartment/tenants whether you are going for furnished or not furnished. Decide carefully.

A well-kept up, clean property will pull in great inhabitants.

Security check of required equipments are equally important. You might be be needing an EPC (energy performance certificate) certificate too.

Don’t get too emotionally attached to the property, as it would get hard for you to let.

Don’t expect too much price, you might loose a potential buyer. Try to know the worth and you can negotiate that way. Take help from the estate agent. He plays a major role here.

Figure out how much involvement of your agent you want. You want him to do security check, preparing agreements following the marketing or just you need him to market your property only. Decide this can help you in cost factor, in other can prevent all hassles.



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